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History of the CSRC
Rally  on 26th April 2015 
Mitavite 0417 506 526
Cranbourne South General Store
Brendan Cohan Equine Dentist 
0419 523 019
Peninsula EQUINE Vetinarians
Dr  Marcus Valmadre
   (03) 5978 7894
CSRC  Offical  HRCAV  Show

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Tyabb  Pharmacy
Rally  26th July 2015
Rally  28th June 2015
Top Teams Entry ( TTT)

There are lots of TTT events coming up next year so if you are planning to enter any next year please make sure that you are qualified.  We would hate to see any of our members miss out because they haven,t got their cards right

1.1. Proof of Qualifying

1.1.1. Only combinations which have satisfied one of the following qualifying options shall be eligible to compete.
a) Option 1
Combinations to have competed in a minimum of 3 official HRCAV events in the same discipline as the TTT event, in a period not greater than 12 months prior to the date of the TTT event (not including the previous TTT). Proof of satisfying this option is to be provided by TTT Qualification Logs and/or performance cards showing that the combination has competed.
b) Option 2
Combinations to have been level assessed or had their current assessed level verified by a Level Assessor in the twelve months prior to the date of the TTT event. Proof of satisfying this option to be provided by performance cards showing relevant notation signed by a Level Assessor.
c) Option 3
Combinations to have advanced to the next level through accumulation of performance points in the twelve month period prior to close of entries. Proof of satisfying this option shall be provided by performance cards showing record of placings and points.
1.1.2. Only performance cards or TTT Qualification Logs, or a combination of both, shall be used to verify that qualifying requirements have been satisfied. No other forms of documentation shall be accepted.
1.1.3. Documents showing proof of satisfying the qualifying criteria are to be submitted with performance and membership cardson the day of the TTT event. Failure to show proof of qualifying shall result in the rider competing HC.
1.1.4. Combinations assessed at the highest level for the discipline are exempt from qualifying requirements
Rally  14th June 2015
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  Cranbourne  Horse  Power
Breakup Rally & Presentations
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Pics  from Rally on 8th Feb 2015
Rally  22nd Feb 2015
Rally  8th March 2015
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Rally  12th April
What a fantastic day for Cranbourne South Riding Club,  Sunday March 22nd 2015 was our first Offical HRCAV Show. The weather was perfect sun was shining and the grounds looked great.
Firstly I'd like to thanks all of our wonderful sponsors, Horse Power Cranbourne, Mitavite, Hallam Hotel, Muir and Sons, Titans Browbands and Racing Victoria. We can't thank you enough for your support and awesome prizes, it was all much appreciated.
Big thankyou to our Judges Julia Grave and Vicki Filippin, boy did they have some extremely large classes to judge. They were very encouraging and friendly to the competitors which provided a nice, fun atmosphere and that's what our club is all about.
I'd also like to thank all of the competitors who come down and supported our event, we were overwhelmed with the numbers and kind feedback. We will be taking everything on board to make our show even better again next year.
Over all level winners
Level 1 Regina Knobel
Level 2 Holly Acciarito
Level 3 Natasha Gray
Level 4 Kayla Gell
Level 5  Georgia Custance

Chelsea Douglas
Cranbourne South Riding Club
Official Show Jumping Day
Sunday 9th August 2015
Rally Pics May 24th 2015
Minor Capital Works Grant  from Council for our  Club  Cross Country !!!!
The club has received a grant from council of in excess of $23,000ex GST to build a basically new XC course.

The club is using the services of Craig Gordon who has built and worked on cross country courses throughout Australia and in the USA (Kentucky) and UK (Badminton).

The CSRC and the Pony Club will contribute in excess of $4,000 ex GST combined.

The aim is to have a competition ready Hickstead course and a  superb training XC course for levels 1 through 5.
Photos available from our Showjumping day from our official photographer. CMEventing Photography

Christine asks that you purchase photos via private messaging on her page.
Hello everyone. president of the club l have to say what a great success the show jumping day was over the weekend. We had many people who entered. ....a 106 to be exact with a fair waiting list , competitors from levels 1 to 5 all had a great day with lots of positive feedback . So much thanks to go out to those members and competitors that helped over the two days .....great team effort , for all the setting up of the courses, maintenance on the grounds , food and preparation in the canteen . Also a big thanks to all the judges and their assistants .....a special thanks to Paul for once again doing a great job designing the courses , and to all who took great photos of our riders on the day . I also must put out a special thanks to the Cranbourne pony club and the Peninsula riding club for their cooperation and the usage of their equipment . So thanks to all on a job well done and we look forward to the next one .....but l think we will have a little break first .....hehe .
.P.s l also have to thank all our sponsors for their generosity. ...for without them we couldn't run an event like this . All sponsors are listed on our website and please make sure we give them our loyalty and support.
... and to the Pigeon Club for use of their car parking space

Mark Williams
From the President
Pics of CSRC riders at SJ day
Dependable  Hoof  Care